Share a Beast

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A NEW way to buy fully traceable, high-welfare, traditional-tasting local beef…

Have you ever wished you could buy traceable, traditional-tasting beef, to share with family and friends or fill the freezer, that was from a local farm you could trust?  That’s what we would like to offer with our SHARE A BEAST CLUB.

How does it work?

  • You simply register your interest by completing this form
  • When we have sufficient interest we will select a beef animal for you to share
  • The animal is slaughtered just a short distance away at Holnest, then properly hung for 21 days
  • The meat is butchered by local award-winning Blackmore Vale Butchery
  • We will supply full details of the breed, age and farm your animal was reared on when you are invoiced

You will receive 1/8 of a beast – or approximately 20kg of beef to include:

  • Sirloin steaks
  • Rump steaks
  • Stewing steak – diced
  • Couple of large roasting joints
  • One slow roasting joint
  • Mince

The cost is : £225

(less than the equivalent cost of quality beef in a supermarket)

Note: Rib, whole fillet and oxtail will be sold separately as these cuts are hard to divide – please mention if you are interested in these cuts in addition to your beef package.

Delivery (Mainland UK only):

Available for farm pick up or free delivery within 10 miles of the farm or via Courier (at extra cost according to location), individually packed and labelled, ready to freeze.


About our Beef



So we are now using Black Angus as well as dairy bulls on our cows to produce a lovely black calf.  We have chosen this breed as we fell in love with it during a trip to America; it has a marbled texture and the grain of the meat is strong yet tender.  We will also offer seasonal Aberdeen Angus, Simmental and Hereford beef from neighbouring family farms – we cannot guarantee which breed will be available when you register your interest but it will certainly be from high quality stock and you will be given all the details of breed, age and farm when you are invoiced for your order.

Yes please, I’d love to share a beast!