Our Dairy Herd


We love seeing the cows out at grass, free to run around, pick their friend and social groups, feel the warmth of the spring sunshine on their backs and the squelchy ground after a storm in summer.

Watching the cows go out for the first time in the spring is very rewarding with cows bucking and galloping and mooing with great delight!  We personally believe this is a better life for them than confinement offers.  We are no different than a lot of family dairy farms that are run in the same way.  Generations pass down their knowledge and experience and these skills will be lost if smaller scale family farms aren’t supported by consumers  and supermarkets.

Each of our cows produces approximately 7,300 litres of milk per year and we sell all of our milk to Barber’s, renowned farmhouse cheddar cheesemakers.  It’s a real field to plate philosophy.  Luke, being a family farmer, knows his cows’ mother’s mother by sight alone;  some of our cows are over 15 years old and really become part of the farm history.

If you are interested in learning more about non-grazing systems and intensive farming there is more information on the Compassion In World Farming website.

We hope our business will help promote all that is good about small to medium sized farms.

By choosing our products you are also supporting sustainable British farming.



Our lovely cow photos are by Harriet Trowbridge