A farming family


Image : Luke on the combine with his maternal grandfather, Peter Meaden

Luke was brought up on the Trowbridge family dairy farm.  Like most farmers’ sons, he spent his holidays and weekends with his father and grandfather working on the farm.  His other grandparents were also dairy farmers but had the added attraction of having some arable crops – so he, his cousins and siblings spent a lot of time at the ‘Meaden school of farming’ in Puddletown.

Luke being one of four children and having a younger brother, knew the family farm was not big enough for all of them to work on, so from the age of 21 he started looking for his own tenanted farm.

Luke and Louise met at Agricultural College. They married in 2002 and soon tendered for a Dorset County Council Farm. After tendering for two farms, they were successful on their third attempt and with just 60 cows, a bank loan and an overdraft managed to secure a tenancy on a starter farm at Buckland Newton.

They now farm at Stour Provost and have 250 dairy cows, four children, scores of rare breed pigs and chickens.  Luke also has a lot less hair!


                                   Luke’s father sitting on the farm horse with Luke’s grandfather keeping him safe(ish)

and a few years later…

Another generation of Trowbridge farmers, with Luke’s youngest son Sunny, on a different mode of transport!



Picture by Millie Pilkington